• What is Halal Nail Polish
    • Halal nail polish is a form of nail polish which allows for water to pass through the liquid to the nails to ensure it is Wudu friendly. Ensuring a full water covered nail ensures full water coverage across all necessary areas of the body. 
  • What is the benefit of using Halal Water Permeable Nail Polish
    • There are many benefits when using this type of nail polish. A few of them are:
      • A long lasting manicure - with on average 1 week without any chipping, our special formula allows for the oils to breathe without building up, causing the polish to chip quickly. 
      • Toxic chemical free - our highly sustainable nail polish ensures a clean manufacturing process resulting in an eco friendly product.
      • Muslim friendly - allowing for full water coverage, its Wide friendly. 
      • Healthier nails - hydrated nails are healthy nails. Simple.
  • Is this nail polish breathable
    • Yes, this nail polish allows for oxygen to flow through the liquid. Just like contact lenses, air can pass through allowing for the nail polish to breathe. This ensures the nails can stay healthy and result in a better, more durable manicure.
  • Is this nail polish water permeable
    • Yes, this nail polish does allow water to permeate the nail. The microscopic holes within the nail polish allow for both water and oxygen to pass through. 
  • Is this Nail Polish Vegan
    • Yes out products are 100% vegan and come from a trusted well respected source.
  • Does this come from a sustainable source
    • Yes, our nail polish comes from a sustainable source. From the packaging to the manufacturing. We ensure a highly suitable journey.
  • Are these tested on animals.
    • No, we do not believe in testing products on animals, which is why we ensure our products are 100% animal cruelty free. 
  • Where are you based?
    • Inaya Beauty is a UK founded company which operates from right here in the UK. For any support or questions you may have, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact us page. We would be more than happy to help. 

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